Join our morning movement and meditation sessions to align and revive your body, mind and spirit. Then join us for inspiring experiential workshops throughout the day, led by well known facilitators who are passionate about sharing their work and insights with you!

Open into new skills and connections with your self and others!

Below are the details of the Workshops and Offerings that will be offered during our days together.

Ipsalu Tantra Energy Yoga

With Kanixa Rae

This is a wonderful yoga class that follows the Ipsalu Tantra formula ASATE (Awaken the body, Still the mind, Arouse sexual energy, Transmute passion and Enjoy tantric bliss). Ipsalu Tantra Energy Yoga offers a space for participants of all levels to drop into their own practice without any group exercises or physical touch. A perfect opportunity to embark on an individual tantric kriya yoga experience.

Vitamin T: A Guide Healthy Touch

With Bob Czimbal

Vitamin T is the “nurturing nutrient” found in healthy touch. Active ingredient: TLC (Tender Loving Care). When applied topically, Vitamin T soothes the body, calms the mind, nourishes the spirit and warms the heart.

Show respect by giving Vitamin T after permission has been clearly granted. Establish a mutually agreeable touch exchange by using the process of creating common ground. Maintain clear boundaries and give feedback about what kind of touch is wanted and what is not wanted.

We will practice:
Making and keeping agreements,
Taking personal responsibility for our choices,
Developing a sensitivity to individual differences,
Learning emotional self-defense,
Resolving differences,
Creating deep intimacy.

Honor our desire for an abundant supply of Vitamin T. Help create a new culture where affection can be freely offered. We can make a difference, one Vitamin T exchange at a time!

We will create rules of engagement to promote safety. Respect for a wide range of comfort levels is everyone’s responsibility. Each person will always have the choice of how s/he engages and with whom. We are responsible for establishing and maintaining our personal boundaries while communicating our wants and needs. Trust and sensitivity foster spontaneity.

Keynote – Description coming soon!

with KamalaDevi McClure

Exploring the Wheel of Consent

with Amy Weissfield

The Wheel of Consent is a foundational practice for all human relating. It’s for anyone interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – personal and professional, with lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. No prior experience is necessary. (This play-shop was just after the opening of the Hawaii Tantra Festival this year and really set the stage for juicy but safer play for the rest of the event. We had over 100 people and presented for 3.5 hours. This could be condensed to 2-3 hours depending on your needs and wishes.) 

In this #MeToo day and age, we need a new language around all the nuances of consent that includes awareness of embodied and systemic oppression, is trauma-sensitive, and simple enough to teach to middle-schoolers. I believe we have this tool in the form of the Wheel of Consent®, and look forward to sharing it with you!

This somatic exploration will help you feel resourced to experience a safe, juicy, blissful, fully

expressed sexual expression while also staying within your neural learning zone. Participants will learn new ways to create and negotiate agreements and explore the different dimensions of touch. We will practice guided exercises, and take‐away tools that are simple enough that most everyone can benefit from and sexy enough to support you having a really good time.

We will also:

• Expand understanding of how to cultivate consent and address the barriers to consent

• Get curious about your own unique embodied wisdom

• Empower choice and voice in accessing your yes, no, maybe and I changed my mind.

• Practice the tools of Interoception, the “sacred pause”, and the art of negotiating desire

Primal Magic Experience

with Phoenix Muranetz

Access the power of your primal magic in this unique embodiment workshop that weaves tantric principles, consent practices, and engaging partner and group games. Explore the power of your ancient primordial and primal self with that of your galactic future self in this collective experience through dance, voice, sound and energy.

This unique embodiment workshop touches on intentional energy exchange, establishing and communicating boundaries through consent, and culminates in a ‘Self-Wedding Ceremony’.  Warning: This experience will provide unbridled states of play, laughter, emotion, and primal wildness.

In the Primal Magic Experience workshop – participants will move through the 3 Gateways:

• The Gateway of Permission:  We’ll explore the first Gateway of Permission in playfully exploring consent and sovereignty through fun intimacy  games such as receiving and expressing explicit no’s & yes’ in a puja-style experience, aspects of running sexual energy (consciously/unconsciously) & consensually sending/receiving sexual energy.

• The Gateway of Unleashing: The second gateway will unleash and reunite participants with their Ancient and Future Self. In exploring these dualistic energies, experience medicine dance with soft and sensuous angelic movements and unleash your inner animal sex energy through wild, untamed, and pulsing primal movement.

• The Gateway of Unity: Weave the power of your past triumphs, successes and challenges with the potency of your future self through releasing shame and guilt in a forgiveness ritual along with a commitment to your future self through a Self-Marriage Ceremony.

Hug, Hold and Harmonize

With The Harmony People

Tantric intimacy & harmonizing have a lot in common. We feel that harmony is a powerful metaphor for love, encompassing all kinds of relationships. In this fun workshop, you will experience exercises that explore the power, magic & basics of vocal harmony, while engaging in fun touch with others. We will be singing to ourselves & one another in varied combinations with the intention to learn the following:

— What harmony is, and how to feel it in your body

— How different combinations of notes create different emotions

— How to find and hold your own part while blending with other voices

As we dive deeper into the structures of harmony there are many paired exercises that also offer various levels of body contact while harmonizing, such as: hand on heart, simple reverent eye contact, back to back, singing into one another’s ears, & embraces if desired. We always emphasize consent & choice throughout the workshop. The exercises are designed to awaken the awareness of our full bodies as our resonant instruments of music, rather than just our vocal cords & head, while providing joyful opportunities for the participants to become lovingly intimate in community through the shared conduit of harmony. Also, this embodied approach to harmony facilitates quicker & deeper learning of the skills involved in intuitive harmony singing. Participants will grow in their abilities to find, hold & create harmony, as well as experience communion through respectful contact with one another.

We will finish with a celebratory improvisation based on the workshops of Bobby McFerrin, and a short concert of The Harmony People’s loving, uplifting music, while participants rest together and snuggle as desired.

Dance into Being

With Saffire Bouchelion

This work centers around first creating a deeper sense of embodiment, self empowerment and self expression through the use of sound and movement together. It is very freeing and opening while being deeply self-revealing. Guided by Saffire Bouchelion, international teacher and creator of this work, we will create music together, dance together, allow ourselves to see and be seen by others, work with the transition from neutral to activated space, and the energies of transmitting and receiving.

We also work with pulse, beat, and rhythm. As long as we are each in relationship with the same pulse, we are in relationship with each other. This is the essence of true community.


with Phoenix Muranetz

Honouring the prism spectrum of all genders and sexualities including our Queer, Gender Fluid, and non-binary friends, this workshop explores the foundations of recent global movements and theories around gender and sexuality, tantric mastery including intentional energy exchange, sending/seceiving sensual and creative energy, and creating clear communication through consent practices. Our Workshop will offer theoretical and embodied approaches through discussions on:

• Exploring the non-verbal and verbal intentions of consent and creating space for healthy discussion in a group atmosphere

• Rituals to Activating the Prismatic Chakra System within.

• Tantric non-verbal communication to receive/send sacred sexual energy, and where it enters and leaves the body

• The intention of honouring another’s beauty through embodiment rituals that involve art/dance/movement. One of our practices involves a Puja style ceremony where participants mark words of affirmation on each other’s bodies with enviro paints.

• Finally, imparting the importance of becoming healthy role-models of sexual empowerment for our children and how we can open pathways of communication for them to discuss their sexual exploration.


With Bob Czimbal

Imagine a world where there is an abundance of erotic energy, spirituality and playfulness. When these essential qualities are developed, balanced and integrated, the potential for healing and growth is limitless.
This magical seminar provides an opportunity to explore the physical, spiritual and emotional intimacy possible with oneself, another person or a group of peers. Together we create a community of Kindred Spirits to reunite our spirituality with our capacity for pleasure. We co-create a safe space by honoring each individuals right to determine his/her level of play.
Our erotic self provides a wide range of choices on the continuum from sensuality to sexuality. Our spirituality represents the sacred essence, connecting us with the Earth and each other.

Erotic Spiritual Play will be an ecstatic blend of highly contact-full exchanges designed to foster community and communion. Activities will range from solo expression to interactive duets and dynamic tribal encounters. There will be opportunities to engage with all genders, ages and sexual and spiritual preferences.

We will explore ways to nourish each other. While playing on the edges, we will create rules of engagement to promote safety. Respect for a wide range of comfort levels will be everyone’s responsibility. You can be sensual or sexual. You will always have the choice of how you engage and with whom. As an explorer, you are responsible for establishing and maintaining your personal boundaries while communicating your wants and needs. Endure nothing yet be open to discovering new frontiers.

The Sexy Truth

With Kim Keller and Jimmy Nacey

Join us for this safe, fun and sexy “fishbowl forum” designed to soften hearts by sharing our deepest desires for pleasure and connection. Together we will invite the opportunity to let go of limitations that sometimes arise when we try to share what we really want from a lover. Learn what it is like on the “other side” of who you love. Reveal the keys to your own pleasure, examine the blocks that appear, and open to receive your truest desire.

An opportunity to witness, divulge, and share from heart centered awareness, while creating a safe, sexy, sensual, sharing, revealing, and deep listening opportunity.

Nia Class

with Saffire Bouchelion

Nia is a practice of self-healing and self expression through conscious navigation of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Cardiovascular for the body and cleansing for the soul, Nia invites us to move as a whole system, an integrated unit that chooses the sensation of pleasure and the state of joy in the body as our baseline. We expand our awareness, our movement vocabulary and our means of expression from there. Nia is Movement as Medicine. 

Ipsalu Tantra International: Alchemy of Bliss

With Kanixa Rae

Ipsalu means “transcending desire”, it is a Tantric Kriya Yoga school created by Bodhi Avinasha. Many know her and Sunyata’s book, Jewel in the Lotus. As Ipsalu Teachers we create a sacred and magical space for people to connect to the divinity within themselves and all the participants who attend.

Through a formula of activating the body, stilling the mind, arousing sexual energy, transmuting passion and enjoying tantric bliss. Participants will be guided through individual, partner and group pink tantra and kriya yoga techniques that will take them on a blissful journey as their hearts become open and full of joy. An Ipsalu class includes dancing, meditation, pranayama, massage, authentic connection, music and lots of loving vibrations.

This workshop will be a safe space to ground into your body, allow your energy to awaken and your heart to open. This class welcomes couples, singles, friends and family to participate.

Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga, aka Erotic Meditation

with Amy Weissfeld

Discover a personal erotic wellness practice to awaken, restore, and expand the full spectrum of pleasure available to you. Orgasmic Yoga is about developing, or reclaiming, your eroticism. If that’s a scary word or concept for you, think sensuality or eros instead. Some people practice it to reawaken awesome feelings in their body. Others practice it to discover those feelings for the first time. It shares a lot in common to what many would refer to as Mindful Masturbation Practice or Mindful Masturbation Meditation (MMM! – yummy!).

At this unique workshop, the intention and process of OY will be discussed, as well as how and why to develop a personal OY practice that will be transformative and enriching. You will be invited to enjoy a guided, embodied OY exercise (fully clothed) as a part of the workshop as well. In this erotic trance-like state, you may become aware of your body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom. This is followed by a facilitated conversation about this powerful experience. You will also take home a handout with additional exercises and resources.

Rating: Beginner

Naked as We Came

With Jenna Card & Trevor Warren

“If anything is Sacred, the human body is Sacred” - Walt Whitman

In our culture, and even amongst our sacred sexuality community, our uneasiness around nudity remains a major barrier to becoming fully sexually integrated beings.  Much of our creative power as sacred sexual beings continues to lay dormant behind our shame with nudity and sex, and there is nothing sacred about shame.  Join Trevor & Jenna for this experiential clothing-optional workshop, where we will:

Explore the origins of sexual shame and our awkwardness around nudity

Support you to uncover your own personal edge around nudity

Facilitate a consensual, no-pressure, de-shaming, Sacred Disrobing Ritual*

Celebrate our Divine Temples through a playful Sacred Adornment Practice

*Please note: Your degree of participation in disrobing is completely up to you. This is a consensual, shame-free workshop.

The Art of Sensual Touch

with Jenna Card & Trevor Warren

Adapted for online.

From the moment we are born, touch is essential to our surviving and thriving. You could say that touch is our somatic language of love.  Skin, our body’s largest organ, is made of millions of nerve fibres all of which respond exquisitely to touch.  Sensual touch that is present, embodied and masterful can make the difference between mundane and transcendent connection.  

Join Jenna & Trevor to expand the artistry of your touch and become an even more “sensational” lover. Together we will explore the blocks to experiencing deeper pleasure, yours and your lover’s.

You’ll learn the essentials of present, embodied and masterful sensual touch. We will play with a full range of sensual touch, discover your preferences and pleasures, and offer you practices of how to ask for the touch you crave!


Enjoy our vibrant evening events, filled with music, dance and ritual, bringing us all home together.

Tantra Pujas and Ecstatic Dance led by powerful teachers will give you moments of depth and sharing you will always remember!

Welcoming Puja

with Kim Keller and Amara Karuna

Puja is the sanskrit word that means to honor, worship and adore, and includes prayerful intention of blessing the being or item before you. In this “welcome puja”, we will be blessing one another with a playful and prayerful energy. This uplifting and transformative meditation is designed to heal, awaken, and open the energy system of one another.

We will stand in a circle and engage in meditation, sacred touch and verbal sharing techniques. By sharing this low-risk, clothing-on, experiential ritual together, we gain greater understanding of Tantric principles and practices.

We will each get a taste of the possibilities of the deep intimacy and passion that this spiritual approach to love brings. Designed to include everyone, our welcome puja is not gender balanced, and will bring you into a deep connection with yourself, with others at the festival, with the intention of this gathering, and most importantly, with the unified field of conscious loving.

Ecstatic Dance

with Saffire

A carefully curated musical journey tailored to the energetic needs of our tribe; be that gentle awakening into movement, enticing rhythms to ignite connection with other dancers, or passionate, high-energy ecstatic release. 

Touch Ritual – Honoring The Divine

With Kim Keller and Jimmy Nacey

Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim and Jimmy will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation. Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant. You can bring along a practice partner, or find someone in the workshop to practice with. *Note: there may be nudity in this workshop (underwear must stay on), and the opportunity to give and receive full body touch.