DAY DELIGHTS from 2019

Join our morning movement and meditation sessions to align and revive your body, mind and spirit. Then join us for inspiring experiential workshops throughout the day, led by well known facilitators who are passionate about sharing their work and insights with you!

Open into new skills and connections with your self and others!

Below are the details of the Workshops and Offerings that will be offered during our days together.


With Hema Ganapathy

Join Hema in the mornings for a unique yoga experience that combines asanas, chanting and pranayamas to help awaken your chakras. Each day will focus on opening up different sets of chakras.

These sessions are just what you need to enliven and energize your body for the rest of the day. Bring a yoga mat and blanket.

Keynote – The Art of Making Love with Life

with Crystal Dawn Morris

Crystal Dawn will share her experience of Tantra as a Path of Awakening. She will discuss how she came to know who and what she actually is beyond her limited story and will share how we all have the capacity to let go of our identification with the separate-self, called ego.

Through Tantra we can come to recognize the True Self as One with Source. We begin to discover through present-moment-awareness that we are infinite and ethereal Consciousness manifesting as ever-changing Reality. As this understanding matures we begin to experience life as the Beloved. We recognize we are the Divine having a human experience. We learn to relax and enjoy the journey, no matter what it looks like. Practical pointers for how to begin and/or continue on this journey will be shared and explored during the talk. There will be time for Q & A at the end of the session.

Keynote: Sex Magic and Super Longevity

With Laurie Handlers

Laurie will be discussing a truly mind blowing topic – cultivating sexual ecstasy for radical life extension. Yes, really! This is of course something that has been hinted at and suggested within Tantric and Taoist practices for millennia.  Now Laurie will discuss this technology for the modern age.

Laurie’s presentation will address, sex, sexual energy and sex magic. It will include some biology, why we as a species need to have sex and keep having sex as we age as well as the use of sexual energy to fuel longer life spans. In addition, she will discuss the future of sex, the way technology is affecting sex.

The talk will be followed by a lively Q and A. Guaranteed to entertain you!

Cultivating Consent at the Tantra Festival

with Jessica Tartaro

 In my experience, it is safety that makes it possible for beauty to be shared. And if you are like me, you have a deep yearning to share beauty! Join me at the start of the Cascadia Tantra Festival to learn, step-by-step, the tools for skillfully moving into intimate connection.

In this workshop, I will focus on the foundation of consent, namely, desire. I have found that I can’t set my boundaries or respectfully navigate intimate community spaces unless I know what I want. Together we will start cultivating consent through exercises to help us reveal our desires.

From there we will explore the power of the sacred no so as to deepen and widen the potency of the sacred yes. You will leave this workshop empowered with communication tools that you can immediately apply to skillfully welcome nourishing connections into your weekend tantra experience.

Exploring your Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

with Ronski Kosky

This workshop offers Tantra practices that inspire Self-Love, sexual aliveness, intimacy, expanded pleasure, and awaken the magical you. We will dance, meditate, express, touch, reflect and expand our boundaries.

Change your vibration, change your life. A sacred journey of returning to wholeness.


Come join us for a workshop of fun and experiential exploration of the wheel of consent.

Play Betty Martin’s sensual 3-minute touch game, and learn how sexy boundaries and consent can be. Learn how to clearly ask for what you want, and find out where the blocks and confusion are in getting what you want.

How do you know if you are receiving or just allowing?
How do you know if you are giving or actually taking?
How does that affect your experience of touching and being touched?

Come find out, explore and play.


With Bob Czimbal

Imagine a world where there is an abundance of erotic energy, spirituality and playfulness. When these essential qualities are developed, balanced and integrated, the potential for healing and growth is limitless.
This magical seminar provides an opportunity to explore the physical, spiritual and emotional intimacy possible with oneself, another person or a group of peers. Together we create a community of Kindred Spirits to reunite our spirituality with our capacity for pleasure. We co-create a safe space by honoring each individuals right to determine his/her level of play.
Our erotic self provides a wide range of choices on the continuum from sensuality to sexuality. Our spirituality represents the sacred essence, connecting us with the Earth and each other.

Erotic Spiritual Play will be an ecstatic blend of highly contact-full exchanges designed to foster community and communion. Activities will range from solo expression to interactive duets and dynamic tribal encounters. There will be opportunities to engage with all genders, ages and sexual and spiritual preferences.

We will explore ways to nourish each other. While playing on the edges, we will create rules of engagement to promote safety. Respect for a wide range of comfort levels will be everyone’s responsibility. You can be sensual or sexual. You will always have the choice of how you engage and with whom. As an explorer, you are responsible for establishing and maintaining your personal boundaries while communicating your wants and needs. Endure nothing yet be open to discovering new frontiers.


With Laurie Handlers

Latihan is a Tantric practice for self-generation of pleasure and. cultivation of inner knowing. Ultimately it leads to making love in the unknown giving rise to fresh and new ways of connecting.

Bodyhan is a healing form of Latihan working in threes. It incorporates emotional release and intuitive touch for both beginners and advanced Tantrikas.

This experience is guaranteed to be powerful and profound.

Dance into Being

With Saffire Bouchelion

This work centers around first creating a deeper sense of embodiment, self empowerment and self expression through the use of sound and movement together. It is very freeing and opening while being deeply self-revealing. Guided by Saffire Bouchelion, international teacher and creator of this work, we will create music together, dance together, allow ourselves to see and be seen by others, work with the transition from neutral to activated space, and the energies of transmitting and receiving.

We also work with pulse, beat, and rhythm. As long as we are each in relationship with the same pulse, we are in relationship with each other. This is the essence of true community.

Deconstructing Gender Conditioning

Dismantling our Inherited Conditions

with Grace Bryant

The path of Tantra asks us to dig deep into how we express our human selves and to know ourselves as more than human. Are we really doing our work to transform if we’re not looking at the lenses of gender we sit inside?

However we identify our gender, we are all subject to the social conditioning of gender identity and social norms that we’ve inherited. Some of us are already deeply excavating to see and shatter those inherited “norms”. Some of us are just starting that exploration. Regardless, it takes a lot of resistance to constantly throw off societal gender assumptions and hierarchies, and to instead choose more and more conscious ways to show up in our sacred bodies.

Let’s sit together on the edge of comfort and discomfort – the Tantric way – to both share and listen to how gender and Tantra intersect and how we can more deeply dive in by asking the hard questions.

Topics we might explore:

– What gender assumptions live in the Tantra you practice or have learned?

– Where does our Western view of Tantra consciously and unconsciously support patriarchal structures?

– Where could our practice of Tantra challenge social constructs around gender?

– How does our embodied spiritual work help us create a new paradigm of affirmative consent and mutual respect?

– How might Tantra empower women and marginalized gender identities?

– How can Tantra hold space for us to grow into a healthy, empowered and expressed masculinity?

– How can Tantra create the container for the feminine nature to radiate and inspire us?

– What does it mean to simultaneously honor our embodied identities and be on the path to liberate us from attachment to our identities?

This workshop will center around both conversation and embodied practices. We’ll talk, move and play in a safe-enough container to start dismantling our inherited gender conditioning and create a space of freedom to show up as whole humans.

The Sexy Truth

With Kim Keller and Jimmy Nacey

Join us for this safe, fun and sexy “fishbowl forum” designed to soften hearts by sharing our deepest desires for pleasure and connection. Together we will invite the opportunity to let go of limitations that sometimes arise when we try to share what we really want from a lover. Learn what it is like on the “other side” of who you love. Reveal the keys to your own pleasure, examine the blocks that appear, and open to receive your truest desire.

An opportunity to witness, divulge, and share from heart centered awareness, while creating a safe, sexy, sensual, sharing, revealing, and deep listening opportunity.

Nia Class

with Saffire Bouchelion

Nia is a practice of self-healing and self expression through conscious navigation of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Cardiovascular for the body and cleansing for the soul, Nia invites us to move as a whole system, an integrated unit that chooses the sensation of pleasure and the state of joy in the body as our baseline. We expand our awareness, our movement vocabulary and our means of expression from there. Nia is Movement as Medicine. 

Non-Binary Tantra

Sacred Sexuality Beyond the Hetero Lens

With Grace Bryant – she/they pronouns

Let’s debunk the myth of gender polarity once and for all: we all have masculine and feminine qualities in us. All of us. No matter where we are on the gender identification spectrum. No one is 100% masculine or feminine. And we don’t need to be.

In Yoga and Tantra, most of the practices are about balancing and uniting the masculine and feminine essence within our own selves at any given moment. Whether we identify as transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming, lesbian, gay, pan- or bi-sexual, male, female or something else, we are all in a constant energetic fluctuation that is influenced by our environment, hormones, emotions, thought patterns, job, relationships, what we put in our bodies, etc.

The ultimate desire of spiritual transformation is to expand – to open beyond our limitations, conditions and default ways of being into our infinite potential. This applies to everybody – every body – but isn’t always presented that way. The limitation of always pairing “male bodies” and “female bodies” might actually be keeping us in those same default ways of thinking and being. As a queer person, I’ve often felt excluded from the teachings of Tantra because of these hetero-normative preferences and gendered boxes.

Tantra teacher and author of Urban Tantra, Barbara Carellas, breaks this down in the second of her Ten Myths about Tantra: “Myth #2: Tantra has to be done by a man and a woman. Oh, this is biggie. This one has kept more queer people out of Tantra than any other myth.”

She explains that the myth might have started because the aim of Tantra is to unite the masculine and feminine energies, or in other words to unite opposites. And so, the assumption was that Tantric practices require opposite genders. This is reinforced even today by the heteronormativity and queer-phobia that still enslaves most of the world. But it’s not necessary.

Let’s step into 2019 with a wider perspective: Non-Binary Tantra.

So, let’s play! Let’s play together in an exploration of non-gendered, non-binary Tantra. Come as you are, prepared to connect with the humans you meet and most of all with yourself. We’ll be intimate, but not explicitly sexual. Close, consensual contact is possible. No sexual touch.

Honoring and Pleasuring the Masculine

 with Art Lashbrook and Marylea Toher

Experience a powerful, sacred ritual of healing and sensual connection for lovers or paired practice partners. Connect deeply with honoring presence and rituals of blessing and adoration, including releasing fears and limitations plus opening to desires and blessings.

Give or receive affirmations, appreciations, sensual touch and erotic massage including body, lingam and optional sacred spot. Close with a heart-based celebration of connection with partner and community. 

Heartgasmic Alchemy

with Krista Nova

This workshops weaves the energy of the heart with our sexual energy. Let’s play with with the three magical keys of breath, movement and sound to reclaim our sacred erotic selves.

This is an exploration into your vital life force energy and an invitation to explore your erotic freedom through the portal of the heart. This is an invitation to access your sacred ecstatic orgasmic self.

Awakening the Full-Body Orgasm

With Crystal Dawn Morris

The Full-Body Orgasm explores the subtle energy body and allows opening the Central Pleasure Channel and learning how to increase our energetic frequency.  Then we will move into triads and explore how to be relaxed in high states of arousal. This practice gives you to a new understanding of what it means to make love with life in every moment no matter what it looks like. Please bring a water bottle.


The Magical Power of Tantric Philosophy for Your Relationships 

with Robyn Smith, Body-centered Relationship Coach

Are you ready to bust out of some old relationship habits that no longer serve you? 

If you’re frustrated in your relationships and not sure how to feel close, come learn how the teachings of yoga can deepen your connections to both yourself and others. You’ll learn three simple embodied communication practices to increase intimacy and connection in any relationship.  

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

•   Communicate Effectively so you can be heard

•   Minimize Arguments so you can enjoy more harmony

•   Shift from Distance so you feel close again

We have a wealth of intelligence and learning capacity within our bodies and when we learn to access it, we can more quickly shift out of old patterns into much greater ease and connection with ourselves and others.

You will get some concrete practices you can apply in your relationships right away.


Building Intimacy

with Art Lashbrook and Marylea Toher

Take a guided journey of movement and togetherness, naked dancing & connecting. Have fun & build intimacy experiencing partner dancing & connection exercises crafted to shift your perception of your body and your connections with others from one of judgment to absolute love. Build intimacy & acceptance as you reveal your intimate feelings about your body image & receive healing. Move as one, in the full glory of your naked self: body, heart & spirit.

Transfiguration Circle

With Krysta Nova

– Transfiguration is a core essence of the Tantric teachings. An invitation to fine tune your Tantric vision and to recognize the Divine in everyone.This is a time for devotion and cherishing. Allow yourself to tap into that place within you that is timeless.Feel into your true nature and have that reflected back to you in pure form.Rest in the beauty of Love, Presence and Remembrance.

The Joy of Tantric Love

with Bob Czimbal

JOY: Time to expand our capacity to experience delight, ecstasy and bliss.

TANTRA: The freedom to express our tantric nature stimulates the desire for sensual, sexual and spiritual encounters.

LOVE: Join us in exploring a variety of ways to exchange affection and deepen intimacy.

Practice embodying the above qualities by using movement combined with respectful touch.

When passion and consciousness coexist, a massive source of energy is generated encouraging healing and transformation.

We will co-create sacred space by honoring each individual's right to determine their level of engagement in community.

Guaranteed to be delicious!

Naked as We Came

With Jenna Card & Trevor Warren

“If anything is Sacred, the human body is Sacred” - Walt Whitman

In our culture, and even amongst our sacred sexuality community, our uneasiness around nudity remains a major barrier to becoming fully sexually integrated beings.  Much of our creative power as sacred sexual beings continues to lay dormant behind our shame with nudity and sex, and there is nothing sacred about shame.  Join Trevor & Jenna for this experiential clothing-optional workshop, where we will:

Explore the origins of sexual shame and our awkwardness around nudity

Support you to uncover your own personal edge around nudity

Facilitate a consensual, no-pressure, de-shaming, Sacred Disrobing Ritual*

Celebrate our Divine Temples through a playful Sacred Adornment Practice

*Please note: Your degree of participation in disrobing is completely up to you. This is a consensual, shame-free workshop.

Beholding The Divine

with Robyn Smith

In this foundational session, you’ll discover how the classical roots of Tantric philosophy can be directly applied to your relationships with yourself and others.

Some of what you’ll experience:
* practices that support your ability to stay present and grounded within your body as you tap into your own Divine nature
* how to stay connected to yourself while honoring your limits around closeness
* what it’s like to make contact with the Divine in another

We’ll play with practices that include non-sexual touch, breath, meditation and movement.
Expect a sweet level of dropping into your own Awareness and Vitality while deepening your connection with others.
All levels of experience are welcome.

Seducing the Muse

with Eleanor O'Brien

Using games, ritual, freewrites and powerful visualizations, we will create safe(r) space to allow our fantasies free range. 

Unconstrained by judgement or cultural taboo,  we will tap into our erotic consciousness, and use this raw material to fuel artistic creations.

The Art of Sensual Touch

with Jenna Card & Trevor Warren

From the moment we are born, touch is essential to our surviving and thriving. You could say that touch is our somatic language of love.  Skin, our body’s largest organ, is made of millions of nerve fibres all of which respond exquisitely to touch.  Sensual touch that is present, embodied and masterful can make the difference between mundane and transcendent connection.  

Join Jenna & Trevor to expand the artistry of your touch and become an even more “sensational” lover. Together we will explore the blocks to experiencing deeper pleasure, yours and your lover’s.

You’ll learn the essentials of present, embodied and masterful sensual touch. We will play with a full range of sensual touch, discover your preferences and pleasures, and offer you practices of how to ask for the touch you crave!


With Hema Latha

Have you ever wondered what people mean when they use the term “energy” when talking about Tantra or spirituality? Or have you had an experience of energy either in your own body or with someone else?
If yes, come and learn about the science behind human energy, what the different energy bodies are and how to tap into your and other people’s energies.

You will get to do energy exercises and experiment in a safe and fun environment. All exercises will be clothed with no sexual touch. All you need to do is bring an open mind and heart!

Dancing with our Senses

with Art Lashbrook and Marylea Toher

Deepen your connection with yourself & others through movement while exploring the senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell and intuition. Release restraints & fears, find appreciation for your body self & others. Play with intimacy with no agenda, body, heart and soul -- InToMeSee.

Experience the Dance of Trust & taking care of your blindfolded partner.


Enjoy our vibrant evening events, filled with music, dance and ritual, bringing us all home together.

Tantra Pujas and Ecstatic Dance led by powerful teachers will give you moments of depth and sharing you will always remember!

Welcoming Puja

with Kim Keller and Amara Karuna

Puja is the sanskrit word that means to honor, worship and adore, and includes prayerful intention of blessing the being or item before you. In this “welcome puja”, we will be blessing one another with a playful and prayerful energy. This uplifting and transformative meditation is designed to heal, awaken, and open the energy system of one another.

We will stand in a circle and engage in meditation, sacred touch and verbal sharing techniques. By sharing this low-risk, clothing-on, experiential ritual together, we gain greater understanding of Tantric principles and practices.

We will each get a taste of the possibilities of the deep intimacy and passion that this spiritual approach to love brings. Designed to include everyone, our welcome puja is not gender balanced, and will bring you into a deep connection with yourself, with others at the festival, with the intention of this gathering, and most importantly, with the unified field of conscious loving.


With Big River John Malotky

We are Human Animals but are rarely given the chance to Explore the Animal that we are, especially in our Politically Correct Society. This workshop is a safe place for you to really feel, explore and fully Embody the Human Animal that is hiding inside of You.


with Ray Adastra

This is a sensual event where we come together to give and receive massages in groups of three. In a safe environment, groups of people will get together and caress and massage one person at a time.
After going over a set of rules such as asking for boundaries, expressing boundaries, and confidentiality, we will get into groups of three or four and have time for a fifteen minute massage each, before expressing our gratitude and clearing out for the night.

Please bring your own yoga mats, towels and/or blankets for the space, to keep the oil off the carpet. Ray will be bringing massage oils. Relax, give, receive, enjoy, and leave with an oxytocin and dopamine high you'll feel for days.

A Conscious Heart Puja

with Crystal Dawn Morris

A puja is a living prayer and a form of Tantric practice. This ritual is dedicated to opening the Conscious Heart and allowing its natural presence and radiance to shine. In this puja, we will honor the essence of the greeting “Namaste’ “ by coming together as a sangha (spiritual community) and recognizing the Divine in one another.

Using breath, sound, and movement we will open our hearts and expand into ecstasy. Through a variety of guided practices we will celebrate the dance of love and freedom in every moment. Join us if you desire to expand into bliss and make love with life in every moment. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please bring a water bottle.

How to Really, Really? Really! Love a Woman

Performance with Eleanor O’Brien

A saucy, sexy, educational tale that is part storytelling, part stand-up, part TED Talk, part Vagina Monologue. Join Dance Naked Productions artistic director Eleanor O’Brien for her latest solo show, an intimate look at the universal spread of Goddess worship (also known as the Cult of Cunnilingus). A comedic take on the importance of paying lip service to the divine! 

From Broadway World “It’s funny, empowering, and just slightly terrifying all at once….”

Ecstatic Dance

with Saffire

A carefully curated musical journey tailored to the energetic needs of our tribe; be that gentle awakening into movement, enticing rhythms to ignite connection with other dancers, or passionate, high-energy ecstatic release. 

Touch Ritual – Honoring The Divine

With Kim Keller and Jimmy Nacey

Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim and Jimmy will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation. Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant. You can bring along a practice partner, or find someone in the workshop to practice with. *Note: there may be nudity in this workshop (underwear must stay on), and the opportunity to give and receive full body touch.

Pleasure Magic Ritual

With Amara Karuna and Ray Adastra

Explore and expand your capacity to fully receive pleasure
Broaden your spectrum of pleasure to be a more full body experience
Use the entrancing power of pleasure and the transformative power of ritual, affirmations and visualization in a potent combination!
Create new imprints in your subconscious about connection and abundance!

Pleasure has been proven to have inherently healing effects on our emotional and physical states. It not only feels good, it's good for you!

Normally we only let ourselves enjoy sensory delights rarely, as in sexual activity. But most moments have a potential for enjoyment if we open our nervous systems and minds to that focus.

Most people have a much larger capacity to sustain suffering than they do to enjoy ecstatic pleasurable states.
Let's lift up our pleasure ceiling!

Working in rotational triads, we will weave a wonderful web of connection, with singing, sounding, movement, conscious touching, snuggle meditations, hair brushing, hand or foot kissing, and massage as possibilities.   We will practice the arts of deep listening, giving appreciations and loving warmth.  

You will get a turn asking for the kind of pleasure you want, while at the same time hearing affirmations that you have designed for your partners to repeat to you.  You will work with many people and make new connections.

We will not be having any specifically sexual activities in our group time together.  This is a fully clothed, sensual event.

Come immerse yourself in an evening of oxytocin generating activities!  And boost up your normal "set point" to one of more abundance of love, relaxation, connection and pleasure!