The Facilitators from 2019

HEADLINER: Laurie Handlers

Laurie Handlers is a sex educator, movie producer, radio show host, author, and intimacy coach. She holds a Masters in Education and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader.

She’s a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women, men, couples, singles, parents and teens since 1978 on communication techniques and secrets that are the basis of healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.

Pod casts from her show Sex and Happiness can be found at Laurie stars in a hilarious indie documentary “Tantric Tourists” and her latest is a docudrama “Beyond Dinner”.

Her book Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy and her CD “Shamanic Release & Latihan” are samples of her many offerings.

HEADLINER: Crystal Dawn Morris

Crystal Dawn Morris is a Tantra Teacher, Love & Freedom Coach and  Lead Facilitator for the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA). She has mastered the art of “making love with life,” and is dedicated to helping you experience your full aliveness. Her playful enthusiasm creates a space where magic unfolds.

Crystal Dawn recently founded an online school, where she offers the Conscious Love And Intimacy Mentoring (CLAIM) Course, a  7 hour video course you can access 24 hours a day on your devices. It  gives people practical skills to bring more joy and abundance into their lives and relationships.

Crystal’s mission is to be a catalyst for global transformation; to manifest a world based on love, freedom and compassion for all beings everywhere. She is honored to be a keynote speaker and presenter at the Cascadia Tantra Festival.


Amara Karuna is a therapist, relationship and sex coach, sex educator, artist, singer/songwriter, videographer and author, and is a co-organizer of the OR Tantra Fest. She developed a form of peer counseling, Holistic Peer Counseling, and has been teaching it for over 30 years.
Amara Karuna lives in Eugene and in an intentional community on the Big Island of Hawaii, and has studied alternative healing since 1978.

She began studying Tantra and Sacred Spot work, a method of sexual healing, on Maui in 2003 with Joan and Tomas Heartfield, and has since studied 6 different methods of pelvic bodywork.
She has taught Sacred Pelvic Healing Work, and led Tantra trainings and Pujas since 2007.

She is the author of the illustrated guide “Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage Practice Manual”, and offers Yoni and Lingam Massage DVDs to students for practicing at home.

Amara developed Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy, a method of healing the inner infant-self using cradling, hypnotic induction and suckling to address emotional issues stemming from lack of breast feeding & loving closeness as an infant. She is the author of “Heartbeat Nurturing Therapy- Healing Our Hearts Together“.

Art Lashbrook and Marylea Toher

Art Lashbrook and Marylea Toher blend their rich experience with Ballroom dancing, Sufi dancing, Tantra, spirituality, relationship and open-hearted connecting to create very special and unique dance and Tantra experiences.

They host fun and transformative dance events that include lessons on essential dance partnering skills, creating boundaries and safety, opening hearts and souls, moving together as one, romance, intimacy and sensual expression.

Bob Czimbal

Since 1970, Bob has delivered dynamic presentations to wide variety of groups ranging in size from 20 to 2,000. Laughing at Life: The Adventures of Saturn Man and Erotic Spirit Play (ESP) are examples of his popular presentations. Currently he is the director of The Abundance Company.

He was the founder and director of Cherry Grove Retreat Center.

 He is the author of A Guide to Healthy Touch: Vitamin T and Kindred Spirits: The Quest Love and Friendship 

Bob presented at the early Network for New Culture Summer Camps in the 90’s. Recently he  presented at the Camps in Washington, Hawaii, and Oregon.

Bob has dedicated his life to the evolution of the human spirit.

Eleanor O’Brien

Eleanor O’Brien is the artistic director of Dance Naked Productions, a theater company dedicated to  creating sex-positive theater.

She has toured and performed her solo shows GGG: Dominatrix for Dummies, Lust & Marriage, and How to Really, Really? Really! Love a Woman to international acclaim, and is the creator of the the Inviting Desire series; ensemble productions that include A Theatrical Aphrodisiac, Lubricate Your Libido, Pleasure, Permission, Possibility…and The Dawn of Sex.  She has produced the community cabarets What Is Erotic?, Revelations, and Sex We Can! and is the founder of the sex and culture theater festival Come Inside. 

She hosts the monthly erotic open mic Stand Up Smut, and teaches workshops in how to seduce the muse, exploring the intersection between sex and creativity. She holds an MFA from The University of San Diego/Old Globe and is a trained story healer.

Grace Bryant

For the past decade, Grace Bryant has taught Yoga, Tantra and Spiritual Growth and helped to create communities steeped in truthful connection and conscious living wherever she lived around the world. Her favorite offerings focus on personal empowerment, finding our authentic voices and living with intentional and fearless connection, especially through the lens of conscious sexuality and relationships. Through this lifelong journey of awakening, Grace has found a deep sense of peace and trust, and hopes to share this in her teachings.


Hema, the founder of Hema Yoga, is a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for over 6 years. Hema blends mindfulness, meditation and breath into a yoga experience that results in a greater awareness and connection to your body.

Hema is also a gifted energy healer, channeler and psychic. She uses Tantric techniques combined with her spiritual gifts to help individuals release traumas and negative blocks from their mind, body and spirit.

Jenna Card & Trevor Warren

Jenna Card and Trevor Warren, an inspiring model of intimate partnership, thrive in guiding others to cultivate stable, deeply passionate relationships, complementary with their full sexual expression.

Trevor, MA, RCC, is a seasoned Couples and Sexual Intimacy Therapist, Workshop Facilitator and Keynote Speaker. 

Jenna, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, is a soulful Facilitator and Coach.  Together, they blend their professional skills with a shared journey of tantra, BDSM, and sexual shamanism.

  Through private couples work, transformative workshops, and retreats, Jenna and Trevor teach the connection and intimacy skills necessary for cultivating deep partnership and sexual intimacy. 

Fierce Loving –

Trevor Warren –

Jenna Card –

Jessica Tartaro

Dr. Jessica Tartaro is an Intimacy Therapist and Connection Facilitator practicing on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Her passion lies in teaching people how to get their words to match their insides in order to open hearts -others and their own.

She has founded multiple communities including SpeakUP PNW, her connection games community in Port Townsend, WA, so that she knows she always has a place to belong. Former Fulbright Scholar, her gift lies in embodying vulnerability as an invitation for her clients to find the most authentic, alive, and creative parts of themselves through which to connect with others.

Jessica’s emerging specialty is supporting leaders in the healing arts to evolve our own health and lead from transparency, a commitment she practices daily.

Book her for a complimentary consultation for private coaching or to speak at your event at

Big River John

Big River John is a modern day Medicine Man having worked with and studied medicine training with several tribes from North and South America. He does not like to be called a Healer or Shaman even though he fits into either label. He prefers medicine man because he provides the tools and hold space while you heal yourself by discovering and working to rebuild trust in your own power, which in turn rebuilds your own self love and acceptance for yourself. The Tantra modalities he has Mastered mastered include: Tao, Mahamudra and Vijyana Bhairava

Kim Keller

Kim Keller is a Certified Tantra Educator and Intimacy Coach,as well as Co-Organizer of Oregon Tantra Festival. Kim lives in Ashland, OR, with her partner, Jimmy Nacey. She specializes in working with women, men and couples looking for more pleasure, joy and intimacy in their sexuality, and utilizing that juicy energy to inspire and enliven their everyday life.

As a on-one-one coach, group facilitator, keynote speaker and workshop presenter, Kim has over 30 years experience as a counselor and coach, and is driven by her strong commitment and passion in the support and service of others as they discover and reclaim their own deep sensual and sexual nature as a critical part of overall health, wellness and vitality.

Krysta Nova

Krista is a Tantra Facilitator, Sacred Intimacy Coach and Relational Somatic Therapist. Krista’s unique offering of Tantric teachings has been influenced by various teachers and traditions around the world. She offers a rare blend of Traditional Tantra woven into Neo Tantric practices.

She has a great love for the ancient roots of Tantra as well as the juicy modern day practices. She creates a safe, loving and clear atmosphere for her work and is dedicated to serve love and support others to awaken as the love we truly are.

Ray Adastra

Ray Adastra is a co-organizer of the Oregon Tantra Festival, a professional counselor with experience helping people recover from substance abuse, a personal fitness coach and a professional musician. He supports clients in working with issues of intimacy, polyamory, open relationships, and sexual healing, and can work with couples.

Ray has presented for Sex Positive Portland, Polytopia, and Network for New Culture. Ray has been teaching Sacred Pelvic Healing Massage with Amara Karuna, who developed this technique. He lives in Eugene, OR. He did 2 years of service in Uganda in the Peace Corps.

Robyn Smith

ROBYN SMITH is a body-centered life coach, supporting women, couples and men in creating healthy, thriving relationships.  She is also a certified Anusara, Forrest Yoga and Integrative Yoga Therapy instructor trained in SkyDancing Tantra and certified NARM practitioner of developmental trauma who has been teaching yoga for 25 years.  In this class, she will be sharing what she calls The Yoga of Healthy Relationships, integrating her love of Tantric yoga philosophy with embodied communication practices.  

Robyn runs Inner Freedom Yoga in Arcata, CA and teaches yoga and Tantra workshops with her husband in Arcata and beyond.  She also offers online communication courses, online women’s coaching groups and private coaching in Arcata and online. 

Ronski Kosky

Ronski is an ISTA Practitioner, a Yoga and Soul Motion Dance teacher. He has been offering Tantra and embodiment sessions at Tantra Festivals and ISTA trainings. He is an experienced facilitator and community weaver who has worked with more than thirty-five thousand clients in the 50 years of his practice as a health practitioner, teacher, and counselor.

One hundred thousand people have taken his workshops, classes and training programs in leadership, community building, health and wellness, developing a daily spiritual practice from Hawaii to Finland. Known for his intuitive listening skills and alive presence, you sense his vital life-affirming approach which inspires, encourages and supports individuals in their healing journey to wellness.


Saffire Bouchelion

Saffire Bouchelion is a 1st Degree Black Belt Nia instructor who has been passionately practicing Nia for over 20 years. He is also a professional performer and musician who has been featured on over 46 CD’s, and has opened for several international acts, including Cheryl Crow, Crash Test Dummies, The Paul Winter Consort, and Barenaked Ladies. His Latest Solo CD, HANDSIGHT, was just released in May of 2017.

Saffire’s embodiment and transmission of music and rhythm stir profound transformation in his students. Saffire co-founded two experimental dance companies in 1986 and 1989, and has performed with Danelle Hellander Dance Company and Mergence Dance Theater. For seven years he was co-director of the Ecstatic Choir, five at Naropa University where he was also a musical accompanist for dance and movement classes, and taught drumming classes for the continuing education program.

He has taught Drumming and Dance into Being workshops throughout the US, Europe, Mexico and Bali for the past 16 years. His greatest joy is helping to Embody the world, one Community at a time!