A juicy online, live event! 

WHAT IF you had a safe space to free your sensuality, and
play in community with spiritual family?

EXPERIENCE the strong field of transformation and love that is created when we join our hearts, honor our bodies and bring sacred intention into all levels of being.

STEP INTO an open, caring community of like-minded souls, and come play with us!

These events are potent moments for increasing hope, vitality and joy,

carrying us all forward on our paths.

Facebook Friends
We will have a secret Facebook group for everyone to meet, chat and get updates and notices for our event!

WHAT IF you could feel the power of coming home to your true inner self?

This 10 day festival offers conscious movement, ceremony,
relationship and communication skills, and tantric practices,
all in the comfort of your home!

Meet new friends and deepen your skills of loving!

Honoring and recognizing the importance of this historic moment and the leadership of Black Lives Matter, the Cascadia Tantra Festival is including programming that explores systemic racism as it lives in each of us. We especially hope you will tune into these sessions to help liberate our collective ability to co-create a safe, sensuous, vitalized quality of life for all humans.

Video Library
And most of the events will be recorded, so your ticket gets you access to the whole library to watch at your leisure, for a whole month.  Or for 6 months if you buy an Extended Access Ticket.

Inclusivity for all genders, orientations

What Happens At A Tantra Festival?

Sampling of the Workshops at CTF 2020!

Pansexual Soul Play with KamalaDevi McClure

The Nitty Gritty of Consent in Sex with Jessica Tartaro

Non-Binary Tantra with Grace Bryant

Ecstatic Dance with Saffire Bouchelion and Victor Warring

E.Sensual Tantric Massage with Chris Luth

Sacred Touch Ritual with Kim Keller

Tantric Speed Dating with Taina Ixchel

Risk Management in the Age of COVID with Ray Cohen

Am I Racist? with Hema Ganapathy and Grace Bryant

Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga with Amy Weissfeld

Womb Activation: The Blood Mysteries with Freya McFarlane

Secrets of the Wand of Light with Amara Karuna


A rich array of passionate and experienced teachers

will be offering experiential and interactive events for you to enjoy.

HEADLINER:  KamalaDevi McClure

is a lead facilitator for International School of Temple Arts, and also an author, and teacher of tantra and polyamory skills.

Plus many other presenters, See Below!

KamalaDevi McClure

Amy Weissfeld

Amara Karuna

Chris Luth


Freya McFarlane

Grace Bryant

Heidi Jo

Hema Latha

Dr. Jessica Tartaro

Kim Keller

Marla Renee Stewart

Phoenix Muranetz

Ray Adastra

Saffire Bouchelion

Stephanie Lafazanos

Taina Ixchel

Victor Warring


PRACTICING bringing presence,

respect and love into relationships and intimacy.

CREATING SPAFE SPACE for exploring all levels of our being
including body, heart, mind and soul.

RESPECTING all people,
DEEPER CONNECTIONS with our inner selves and others,
and becoming MORE EMBODIED.

Events will be experiential, sensual, safe and sweet.

Great for both beginners and experienced participants.

Daylight Delights

Join our morning movement and meditation sessions to align and revive your body, mind and spirit. Then join us for inspiring experiential workshops throughout the day, led by well known facilitators who are passionate about sharing their work and insights with you!

Evening Experiences

Enjoy our vibrant evening events, filled with music, dance, rituals and entertainment, bringing us all home together. Tantric Speed Dating and Self Pleasure Rituals led by powerful teachers will give you moments of depth and sharing you will always remember!


• Tantric Arts
• Communication
• Personal & Spiritual Development
• Dance, Movement Meditations and Yoga
• Aware Touch and Consent
• Sexual and Emotional Healing


Festival Prices

We offer a range of prices

$120 Regular price single
$180 for couples
$250 for benefactors who want to also sponsor someone low income.
$60 for extra people in your family, after the first single or couple ticket
$60 low income tickets

For More details, see our Logistics Page!

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