Events are designed for either everyone watching singly at home, or couples/groups who are watching together.

Any event for individuals can also be enjoyed by couples or more and will be noted as All Welcome.

Singles could join in for an event for couples/groups, but will not be able to do the partner practices.

All Zoom links will be posted on our private Schedule Links page. The link for that page will be emailed to everyone after you buy your tickets.


White = Friendly, conversational, does not involve physical touching yourself or others much

Pink = Sensual, involves tantric intimacy practices such as sensual touch, dance, breathwork, etc

Red = Erotic, involves sexual touch of yourself or others you are with.
These events will not be recorded.


Welcoming Puja Ceremony

with Kim Keller and Amara Karuna

Everyone welcome!

Puja is the sanskrit word that means to honor, worship and adore, and includes prayerful intention of blessing the being or item before you. In this “welcome puja”, we will be blessing one another with a playful and prayerful energy. This uplifting and transformative meditation is designed to heal, awaken, and open the energy system of one another.

We will engage in meditation, sacred connection and verbal sharing techniques. By sharing this low-risk, clothing-on, experiential ritual together, we gain greater understanding of Tantric principles and practices.

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We will each get a taste of the possibilities of the deep intimacy and passion that this spiritual approach to love brings. Designed to include everyone, our welcome puja will bring you into a deep connection with yourself, with others at the festival, with the intention of this gathering, and most importantly, with the unified field of conscious loving.

Exploring the Wheel of Consent

with Amy Weissfield

Everyone Welcome!

The Wheel of Consent is a foundational practice for all human relating. It’s for anyone interested in learning more about themselves and improving the quality of their relationships – personal and professional, with lovers, friends, parents, children or colleagues. No prior experience is necessary.  

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In this #MeToo day and age, we need a new language around all the nuances of consent that includes awareness of embodied and systemic oppression, is trauma-sensitive, and simple enough to teach to middle-schoolers. I believe we have this tool in the form of the Wheel of Consent®, and look forward to sharing it with you!

This somatic exploration will help you feel resourced to experience a safe, juicy, blissful, fully expressed sexual expression while also staying within your neural learning zone. Participants will learn new ways to create and negotiate agreements and explore the different dimensions of touch. We will practice guided exercises, and take‐away tools that are simple enough that most everyone can benefit from and sexy enough to support you having a really good time.

We will also:

• Expand understanding of how to cultivate consent and address the barriers to consent

• Get curious about your own unique embodied wisdom

• Empower choice and voice in accessing your yes, no, maybe and I changed my mind.

• Practice the tools of Interoception, the “sacred pause”, and the art of negotiating desire

Primal Magic Experience

with Phoenix Muranetz

Everyone Welcome!

Access the power of your primal magic in this unique embodiment workshop that weaves tantric principles, consent practices, and engaging partner and group games. Explore the power of your ancient primordial and primal self with that of your galactic future self in this collective experience through dance, voice, sound and energy.

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This unique embodiment workshop touches on intentional energy exchange, establishing and communicating boundaries through consent, and culminates in a ‘Self-Wedding Ceremony’.  Warning: This experience will provide unbridled states of play, laughter, emotion, and primal wildness.

In the Primal Magic Experience workshop – participants will move through the 3 Gateways:

• The Gateway of Permission:  We’ll explore the first Gateway of Permission in playfully exploring consent and sovereignty through fun intimacy  games such as receiving and expressing explicit no’s & yes’ in a puja-style experience, aspects of running sexual energy (consciously/unconsciously) & consensually sending/receiving sexual energy.

• The Gateway of Unleashing: The second gateway will unleash and reunite participants with their Ancient and Future Self. In exploring these dualistic energies, experience medicine dance with soft and sensuous angelic movements and unleash your inner animal sex energy through wild, untamed, and pulsing primal movement.

• The Gateway of Unity: Weave the power of your past triumphs, successes and challenges with the potency of your future self through releasing shame and guilt in a forgiveness ritual along with a commitment to your future self through a Self-Marriage Ceremony.


With Ray Cohen
All Welcome

Would you like to explore sensation play in a soft and easy way? Are you curious about kink but scared to try it?
This can can be done as a single or as a couple/group, can be sexual or not. The goal is to open up and explore different types of sensation and play and create an experience that is fun, exciting, and nourishing. This can be an ongoing practice of opening up sensory pathways and working with the energy of sensation. There is so much potential here.

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Let’s explore what resonates and feeds you, from sweet and soft to sensation with a bit of a bite. Come play!

This is an easy safe introduction to using sensation as a meditation.

Gather some items to play with like a wooden spoon, feathers, soft cloths, a blindfold, something scratchy, something metal, a small flogger or a rope, and ice cubes. You control the limits of what you want to feel!

Keynote – Wild Love Laboratory

with KamalaDevi McClure

Everyone Welcome!

Unfortunately, too many people who try poly, open relationships, and other forms of non-monogamy often end up making the same mistakes and find their heart contracting instead of expanding into ecstatic communion. The root cause of their suffering usually stems from the basic human pull for seemingly contradictory needs: security and freedom. If you’ve ever experienced an asymmetrical relationship where one partner is pushing to move faster than the other(s) then it’s time to lean into a deeper, wider source of love.

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I’m excited to share new insights from over 20 years experimenting in non conventional relationships and open marriage. I’ve found simple truths that will ensure more pleasure, and less pain and more playful processing.

In this Playshop you will get:

A toolbox with tips, techniques, and rituals you can practice in life and the bedroom.

How to find your true erotic nature, and abandon it for nothing!

You will un-learn and de-program cultural conditioning that no longer fits you.

Communication tools to help meet your needs and express your fantasies

Clarity about partner selection so you’ll attract the right kind of people

A community of like-minded friends and lovers who are on a similar path.

Am I Racist?

with Hema Latha and Grace Bryant

Everyone Welcome!

Good question, right? And an important one.

The 2020 uprising and resurgence of the Movement for Black Lives have created more space collectively to contemplate and inquire into our complicity with systemic racism. We will pause in questions like, “what’s my responsibility?” “what’s my interconnectedness to the global narratives” and “how can I offer not just passive compassion but actions towards change.

Join Hema and Grace for an empowering, unveiling, embodied satsang around the question, “Am I Racist?” 

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This conversation is for folks of all racial identities and we ask that people show up willing and able to respect the complexities of being in a community of like-hearted individuals with diverse life experiences. We’ll continue our conversation to focus on why language is important and how the words you use can make you complicit in perpetuating racism.


with Chris Luth

Attend with a partner to do the practices.

Experience the “Ergonomically Perfect Kiss”…. And much more!

Contrary to popular assumptions…MASTERFUL KISSING is not an inherent human ability….. Just like Ballet…Tennis… or Massage… It is A LEARNED SKILL!

AND… an understanding of how to use Tantric “Energy” can boost your skills considerably! Affection……Love……it’s all about “Energy”…..It “is”… an Energy! And the Kiss… is such a delicate expression of it. 

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In this sophisticated, highly detailed & Fun… “experiential” workshop… Master Tai Chi & Chi Gong instructor….& “Energy-Based Sensuality & Tantra” creator Chris Luth will take you on a deep exploration of exotic forms of the beautiful art of Kissing as well as the “ENERGETICS” that allow for truly powerful kissing & connection to occur!

Workshop Content:

+ The “Ergonomically Perfect Kiss”

+ “ENERGY”….understand how to make use of it to dramatically increase the impact of your kisses!

+ Kissing Hands, Arms, Neck & Lips!

+ “LOVE INJECTION” kissing

+ Stimulating Sensual FOREPLAY Kissing

Yoga- Union with the Divine

With Hema Latha
All welcome

Come and experience a uniquely traditional yoga class that focuses on integrating the mind, body and spirit. These classes are based upon ancient teachings and will have a mixture of asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath exercises) and yoga philosophy teachings.

Orgasmic Breathwork Ceremony

with Freya McFarlane

Everyone welcome

Breathe open your ecstatic energy & drop into a deep state of connection to your body. This is a breathwork journey that will activate your arousal & energetic pleasure. Using deep circular breathing you will be guided into the wisdom of your breath & allow your subconscious to reveal itself.
This ceremony will generate your sexual energy to rise through your body, giving you deep insight & wisdom within yourself.
Merging Tao Tantric practices with rebirthing breathwork we’ll be diving into a dynamic breathing journey that can include self pleasure. This ceremony is open to all genders & breathwork levels of experience.

Pods: Small Connection Groups

With various hosts
Everyone welcome

This is a time to connect more deeply with a small group and share your process and experiences.
We will use small breakout rooms for 4 or 5 person conversations, for 30 minutes. You are welcome to stay longer on the call if you choose.

There will be Pods available for specific groups to work with each other, including people of color and GLBTQ.  We will also do the first pod in Regional groups so you can meet people in your area.

Pods continue through the whole festival, happening about every other day.
Not recorded.

GLBTQ+ Pods: Small Connection Groups

With Grace Bryant
For GLBTQ+ folks

Join Grace, queer-identified, pansexual and gender non-binary Tantra teacher, for a chance to connect with other LGBTQ+ identified folks. This is an opportunity to connect with family, share experiences, offer and receive support. We'll meet several times throughout the festival and you're welcome to come when you're able, no obligation to join all of our circles. Equitable time and a supportive container will be created for our time together. Please contact Grace ( if you have questions or are curious if this group is for you. 

We will use small breakout rooms for 4 or 5 person conversations, for 30 minutes. You are welcome to stay longer on the call if you choose. Not recorded.

BIPOC Pods: Small Connection Groups

With Hema Latha
For Black Indigenous People of Color folks

Join Hema, a South Asian woman of color, Tantra healer and somatic coach for a pod circle specifically for BIPOC.  This pod is offering a safe space for people of color to connect, communicate, share experiences, be heard and be held with acceptance, compassion and love. 

We will meet several times throughout the festival and you're welcome to attend when you're able.  There is no obligation to attend all of the circles. If you have any questions or want to know if this pod is for you, please contact Hema at

We will use small breakout rooms for 4 or 5 person conversations. Not recorded.

Self-Pleasure Ritual Temple Night

with Taina Ixchel

Everyone welcome

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

Join us for an evening of sacred self-discovery, sensual pleasure, and connection to our divine nature.
This will be a guided journey.
Self-pleasure is a beautiful way to create deep attunement to the body and the self, thereby creating a space where we can heal our wounds from the inside out with loving awareness.

Come meet yourself in sacred space as you are guided to connect more deeply with your body and pleasure.
This ritual is the perfect opportunity to transmute fear, guilt, and/or shame that can interfere with our birth-given right: pleasure.

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It’s about coming back to our bodies and learning how to nurture ourselves by holding space for our deepest desires to emerge.

This allows us to open more fully to our sexual energy, which enhances our creative flow and our feeling of self-worth!

Often times people confuse masturbation with self-pleasure. However, they are not necessarily one and the same.
Masturbation is oftentimes a genital focused, goal-oriented activity that can lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and ultimately, numbness.
Self-pleasure may or may not involve any genital touch.
Self Pleasure is a beautiful way to create deep attunement to the body and the self, thereby creating a space where we can heal our wounds from the inside out with loving awareness.

What you will receive from this ritual:

– Connect more deeply to your divine nature.
– Discover new ways of connecting with your body.
– Love and nourish yourself during times of uncertainty.
– Give yourself the touch you’ve been craving.
– Release fear, guilt, and shame around your sexuality.
– Feel more alive and nourished.
– Experience the deepest form of self-love!
– Experience the sensations of the elements earth, water, air, and fire on your skin as you are guided.

* Recording is NOT allowed

***It is required to have your camera on during the event to create safety for everyone. You don’t have to have your camera pointed directly at yourself (looking at the wall is fine), however, if you would like to contribute to sacred voyeurism, you are welcome to do so!

This event is about connecting to yourself!
This event is for people of all genders, orientations, and body types.
Join us as we take a journey into the spaces of our own bodies, exploring pleasure and ecstasy.

It’s going to be a juicy night!

Tantric Twerking

With Heidi Jo Landin

All welcome

Did you ever want to learn how to Twerk, but you felt too shy to move your body in such a sexually explicit manner? If your answer is yes, then this class is for you! This is a fun movement class utilizing full body connectivity with an emphasis on Twerking.

What is Twerking? Twerking is a sexy dance movement that flicks the tailbone front to back, and back to front, creating a Spinal Wave, a Jiggly Ass, Pleasure, an Embodied Pelvis, and opportunities to feel into your Sexual Body and Heal Sexual Wounding. The class will offer levels for everyone to work at, from Subtle Internal Movement to moves you could pull out next time you go Club Dancing! Extremely body Positive!

Tantric Twerking is a place where we celebrate our fat asses, our bony asses, or whatever we got to Play with. Join Me!

Risk Management in the Age of Covid

With Ray Cohen

Everyone welcome

As we navigate this new world with heightened risk around contact with others, how do we choose who we will have contact with and when? Tantra is based on the weaving of connection with others through conscious awareness and energetic exchange (which may involve touch).

How can we navigate this in a way that keeps us, our loved ones and our community safer?

The Nitty Gritty of Consent in Sex: The Community Bares All

With Dr. Jessica Tartaro

Everyone welcome

No matter how much you study, read and train in being consent oriented, no matter who you are, you will mess up. You will act without thinking ahead, you will misinterpret cues and you will inadvertently violate boundaries. It is awful. It does harm. You and I both wish we could prevent it!  And it is part of the process of learning how to embody consent as sexual creatures, a lifelong journey. Join me, Dr. Jessica Tartaro, Intimacy Coach and Consent Educator, for this 90 minute circle during which YOU will bring the consent scenarios.

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Think about the times when you wished you could have done it differently. Or the situations you might be currently grapplying with within which consent feels grey, there is no map and you are blundering through blindly. As a community we will wrestle with these situations, talk about how we each might navigate the crossroads of consent and explore consent principles in action.

Note: this is NOT a workshop to reveal that you have explicitly sexually violated someone.  If that is the case, please seek professional help.  This is a workshop to explore the inevitable contradictions that will arise for ethically minded sexual creatures already committed to walking the path of consent and curious about refining their practice.


with Phoenix Muranetz

Everyone welcome!

Honoring the prism spectrum of all genders and sexualities including our Queer, Gender Fluid, and non-binary friends, this workshop explores the foundations of recent global movements and theories around gender and sexuality, tantric mastery including intentional energy exchange, sending/receiving sensual and creative energy, and creating clear communication through consent practices. Our Workshop will offer theoretical and embodied approaches through discussions on:

• Exploring the non-verbal and verbal intentions of consent and creating space for healthy discussion in a group atmosphere

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• Rituals to Activating the Prismatic Chakra System within.

• Tantric non-verbal communication to receive/send sacred sexual energy, and where it enters and leaves the body

• The intention of honouring another’s beauty through embodiment rituals that involve art/dance/movement. 

• Finally, imparting the importance of becoming healthy role-models of sexual empowerment for our children and how we can open pathways of communication for them to discuss their sexual exploration.

Using Erotic Energy to Build Body & Sexual Confidence

with Marla Renee Stewart

Everyone Welcome

Inundated with media images and sociocultural values of beauty, we are often made to feel like we are not good enough. In order to increase our body confidence, we need to be able to accept ourselves for who we are and build on our physical, mental, and sexual assets.

We will construct new meanings for ourselves, use our erotic energy and intention to convey those messages and then actually express our affirmations to catch our bad habits.

You will leave with knowing how to practice unlearning old messages and truly embody your power and sexual love for yourself.


with Chris Luth

Principles & Practice…… “Energy-Based Sensual Massage” 

Partner required.

This is an experiential… “hands-on”, introduction to some of the techniques & principles of this unique “Energy Based” Sensual/Tantric Massage system where highly detailed, ancient Tantric Techniques, fluidly blend with awesome modern twists!E.Sensual Tantric Massage is the most advanced tantric massage system available with the techniques being carefully based on “HUMAN ENERGY FLOWS”…thus producing the most profound healing & erotic effects possible.

This will be a fully nude event, and you may choose whether to have your cameras turned away or not, but the instructor prefers to be able to see you for better instruction.

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This system includes elements of NURU Massage… Tantra Massage… Taoist Erotic Massage & more… and is normally taught in full-weekend trainings in various cities. The techniques are unusual, super fun, & creative. It is a powerful tool for awakening deep sensuality in your partner….and….it can be the “ultimate foreplay”, as it is carefully designed as an “energetically staged”, sweetly erotic, journey!

More detailed info on “E. Sensual Massage” can be found here:

Secrets of the Wand of Light

With Amara Karuna

Everyone welcome

Reclaim your pride in your amazingly complex and powerfully magical sexual organs!

Male Anatomy of Arousal and Taoist Sexual Energetics

  • Where are potent special sexual spots rich in nerve endings and energy, and how can you use them?
  • How do male and female energies build & flow, & how can we cultivate them inside ourselves and with others?
  • What occurs when men have multiple orgasms without ejaculation?

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  • How do electrical and magnetic orgasms  differ?
  • What are the healing properties of semen?
  • How can you circulate sexual energy consciously and extend sexual pleasure?
  • How do erections happen, and why don't they happen?

Come learn some little known facts, Taoist breathing and energy practices for sexual health.  Bring your questions and experiences to share in our lively discussion period.

Open to all, no experience needed, no nudity.

Ecstatic Dance

with Victor Warring

Everyone welcome!

A carefully curated musical journey tailored to the energetic needs of our tribe; be that gentle awakening into movement, enticing rhythms to ignite connection with other dancers, or passionate, high-energy ecstatic release. 

Womb Activation: The Blood Mysteries

Sex, love & blood mysteries: How to share womb intimacy

With Freya Mcfarlane

Everyone welcome, all genders can enjoy this

In this womb activation workshop we’ll be exploring the magic of the Blood Mysteries & revealing the ancient wisdom of the inner temple. You will be introduced to the meeting point between tantra, sacred sexuality & menstruation. 

We will reveal how to build ritual & create a relationship with womb, blood & sex. Discovering the sacredness of moon time, giving you tools to magnify your womb frequency & connect with yourself & partners. 

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  • Whether you have a womb or not, this workshop is accessible to all genders - an opportunity to discover the secrets of those who bleed & how to hold space for others & self. 

    Discover the intimate desires, needs & language of wombs can activate a new way of relating to the world, especially when combined with tantra & other spiritual practices. 

Pansexual Soul Play

With KamalaDevi McClure

Everyone welcome

Who would you be if you didn’t have to live within restrictive gender roles? It doesn’t matter if you are cisgender, queer, trans, fluid or other–we all have an inner opposite. This play space is a safe sandbox to explore, express and experiment with your contra-sexual self. The intention is to channel this non-physical part of ourselves so that we may be more embodied and witness each other in our evolution.

This is not a performance; nor is it a play, but it may be entertaining and playful! It’s a rich opportunity to learn more about yourself and others.

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It’s a facilitated and directed environment where we may offer supportive guidance and interactive mirrors, but there is no place for judgment or shame. So leave your inner critic behind and come be more fully expressed!  

Benefits include:

The deeper experience of embodiment

Encounter with your hermaphroditic soul

Guidance towards wholeness

Messages from beyond duality

Stripping off layers of the ego

Shining your true self! 

 Clothing optional -this event will show genitals on the screen, so please be comfortable with that.

Personal Practice – The Foundation of Tantra

With Grace Bryant

Everyone welcome

Contrary to what many people believe, Tantra is not only a partner-based practice. It is a lifestyle, a shift in the way of thinking, seeing and participating in the world. An expansion of our personal consciousness to a transpersonal experience of love, connection and deep presence.

The paradigm of Tantra begins within ourselves and permeates outward. It’s very challenging to practice with others if we don’t first understand, own and investigate our personal awareness, breath and body. For many of us, the desire to practice with a partner is on top.

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But, how do we show up accountable to our partners? How do we take responsibility for our own practice and not expect a partner to do all the work? How do we expand our own consciousness so we can show up present, grounded and curious?

Join Grace Bryant, Seattle Tantra and spirituality teacher, for a dive into the Foundations of Tantric Personal Practice.

We’ll explore theory and practice around:

• Breath • Energy • Movement • Emotion • Meditation • Awareness

Come prepared to move, breathe, make some sound and get curious about yourself. As we’ll be focused on personal practice, there will be no sexual intimacy or touch in this workshop.

Energetic Essentials for Sexual Awakening

With Stephanie Lafazanos

Everyone welcome

Discover the five energetic principles to tap into your sexual power. Join Stephanie as she guides you through the energetic principles that you need to have in your body to awaken your sexual energy. Come Dressed to move, we’ll be practicing ancient Tao Tantra and Qigong exercises that will help you open up your channels to receive and grow energy and life force through your whole body.

Move stagnant and blocked areas especially around the sexual organs.

Touch Ritual – Honoring The Divine

With Kim Keller and Jimmy Nacey

Everyone welcome, but partner recommended

Conscious touch requires a high level of presence, consent, clarity, energetic intention and resonance. In this workshop, Kim and Jimmy will demonstrate a simple and potent touch ritual and technique that will bring your partner, lover or friend into ecstatic states of bliss without any genital stimulation. Learn to bring your heart into your hands, and your adoration into your words. Utilizing a unique full body touch posture, you will have the opportunity to witness this ritual, and then perform this ritual on your partner or other workshop participant.

You can bring along a practice partner, or practice on yourself.

*Note: there may be nudity in this workshop (underwear must stay on), and the opportunity to give and receive full body touch.

Nia Class

with Saffire Bouchelion

Nia is a practice of self-healing and self expression through conscious navigation of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Cardiovascular for the body and cleansing for the soul, Nia invites us to move as a whole system, an integrated unit that chooses the sensation of pleasure and the state of joy in the body as our baseline. We expand our awareness, our movement vocabulary and our means of expression from there. Nia is Movement as Medicine. 

Introduction to Orgasmic Yoga, aka Erotic Meditation

with Amy Weissfeld

Discover a personal erotic wellness practice to awaken, restore, and expand the full spectrum of pleasure available to you. Orgasmic Yoga is about developing, or reclaiming, your eroticism. If that’s a scary word or concept for you, think sensuality or eros instead. Some people practice it to reawaken awesome feelings in their body. Others practice it to discover those feelings for the first time. It shares a lot in common to what many would refer to as Mindful Masturbation Practice or Mindful Masturbation Meditation (MMM! – yummy!).

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At this unique workshop, the intention and process of OY will be discussed, as well as how and why to develop a personal OY practice that will be transformative and enriching. You will be invited to enjoy a guided, embodied OY exercise (fully clothed) as a part of the workshop as well.

You can do as much or as little touching of yourself as you like. Someone could spend the whole time under a blanket and simply breathing, while someone else is nude and self pleasuring, but with genitals offscreen.

In this erotic trance-like state, you may become aware of your body as a source of wisdom, happiness and freedom. This is followed by a facilitated conversation about this powerful experience. You will also take home a handout with additional exercises and resources.

Rating: Beginner

Ecstatic Dance

with Saffire Bouchelion

Everyone welcome!

A carefully curated musical journey tailored to the energetic needs of our tribe; be that gentle awakening into movement, enticing rhythms to ignite connection with other dancers, or passionate, high-energy ecstatic release. 

Yoni Secrets: Exploring the Hidden Flower

With Amara Karuna

Everyone welcome

Female Anatomy and Energetics of Arousal 

Break free of any sexual shame and be amazed at the intricate beauty of your body!

  • Did you know that women have as much erectile tissue as men?  Where do we find it?
  • Where are the hidden parts of the clitoris, and how can you pleasure them?
  • What is amrita?  What are the secrets for women to learn to ejaculate, and why would you want to learn that?  

How do electrical and magnetic orgasms  differ?

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  • How does the shape of the yoni affect sexual pleasure?
  • Where is the female prostate and what is it for?  
  • How does the female body support or fight off sperm? 
  • Come explore the secrets of the YoniVerse, and learn practices that increase sexual health and pleasure. 

 Bring your questions and experiences to share in our lively discussion period.

Open to all, no experience needed, no nudity.

Tantric Speed Dating

With Taina Ixchel

Everyone Welcome

Sensual Souls,

You are invited to a very special event, lead by tantrica Taina Ixchel, Power Priestess,  Tantric speed dating!

Yum! If you’ve been wanting some yummy connection, join us. We will be doing lots of deep, powerful, and fun, and sensual exercises. We will be rotating to work with different partners.

This is a pan-sexual event, so you will be connecting with women, men, transgenders, and whoever shows up.

Read More

All of your boundaries will be respected but we ask you to bring an open mind and heart.

You may just make a new friend, Co creator, lover or partner. But whatever happens, we’re gonna have fun.

Looking forward to speed dating with you!

Reclaiming Erotic Sovereignty Self Pleasure Circle:

With Victor Warring
All welcome, Limited to the first 20 people. You may only take this event once, even though we are offering it twice.

You are your primary sex partner.
Your pleasure, your erotic spirit, your turn on, your body are yours!
Everyone else is simply a visitor in your erotic space, and you into theirs.

In this circle, we will lean into the power and sovereignty of pursing pleasure in our bodies. We will cultivate the our relationship with our primary sexual partner, reclaiming what we’ve been taught was someone else’s to give us.

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Self Pleasure in this light and in the context of community is not only a way to experience erotic charge. It is a way of standing firmly in who you are:
“This is me! Here is my pleasure. I am claiming it!”
And just like in the longhouses, communal huts and villages of our undomesticated ancestors, we will normalize the normal; the experience of knowing the pleasureful cries of our fellow village members.

All forms of Self Pleasure are welcome in this circle; toys, feathers, totems, movement, sound, prayer; from the most technically advanced vibrator to the most sacred crystal wand. There is no way of pleasuring your body that is wrong whether it is fantasy, fingers, eyes tight shut, eyes open wide.
Your Self Pleasure does not have to look any particular way. It does not have to be orgasm focused though orgasms are welcome. We are not creating porn of ourselves.

You don’t have to “get off”. This is a time for leaning into your erotic truth in, what for many people is a unique and novel and powerful way. And shame…shame may be present. We will acknowledge the shame built upon a culture that dishonors bodily autonomy, and we will ask it to kindly step aside for awhile.

To Co-Create the Container for the Experience:
*You will arrive to our circle, having already created your “pleasure nest” for your journey in your own home temple; pillows blankets, toys and anything you need to inspire and cultivate your pleasure.
*We will go over agreements and boundaries. This will include agreements around nudity; clothing will be optional, but we will keep computer screens focused on faces and upper bodies.
*We will have an opening circle where we will speak to intentions, edges, desires and fears and anything that helps you arrive and feel grounded & present.
*I will lead you in a basic movement embodiment exercise and then we will be set free to pursue
pleasure in our own temples. Feral and free. Separate and together. Within ourselves and within community.
*I will call us back, typically after about 45 minutes, and we will harvest our experience together through words; the ecstatic, the beautiful, the gritty and whatever else is true.

To keep this experience well grounded it will be limited to 20 people per circle.
I will host this experience twice during the festival so more people have a chance to step in. Attendance limited to one time each person.

Non-Binary Tantra – Sacred Sexuality Beyond the Hetero Lens

With Grace Bryant

Let’s debunk the myth of gender polarity once and for all: we all have masculine and feminine qualities in us. All of us. No matter where we are on the gender spectrum – and this is just our individual gender makeup. Then there’s sexual orientation and partner preference. No one is 100% masculine or feminine. And we don’t need to be.

In Tantra, most of the practices are about balancing and uniting the masculine and feminine essence within our own selves at any given moment. Whether we identify as transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming, lesbian, gay, pan- or bi-sexual, male, female or something else, we are all in a constant energetic fluctuation that is influenced by our environment, hormones, emotions, thought patterns, job, relationships, families of origin, what we put in our bodies, etc.

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The ultimate desire of spiritual transformation is to expand – to open beyond our limitations, conditions and default ways of being into our infinite potential. This applies to everybody – Every Body – but isn’t always presented that way. The limitation of always pairing “male bodies” and “female bodies” might actually be keeping us in those same default ways of thinking and being. As a queer person, I’ve often felt excluded from the teachings of Tantra because of these hetero-normative preferences and gendered boxes.

Tantra teacher and author of Urban Tantra, Barbara Carellas, breaks this down in the second of her Ten Myths about Tantra: “Myth #2: Tantra has to be done by a man and a woman. Oh, this is biggie. This one has kept more queer people out of Tantra than any other myth.”

She explains that the myth might have started because the aim of Tantra is to unite the masculine and feminine energies, or in other words to unite opposites. And so, the assumption was that Tantric practices require opposite genders. This is reinforced even today by the heteronormativity and queer-phobia that still enslaves most of the world. But it’s not necessary.

In this workshop, Grace offers theory and practice to expand us into a wider perspective: Non-Binary Tantra.

So, let’s play! Let’s play together in an exploration of non-gendered, non-binary Tantra. All are welcome! Come as you are, prepared to connect with the humans you meet and most of all with yourself. Close, consensual intimacy through the virtual platform will be an option, no nudity. And everyone gets to play at the level of their comfort...and intentional discomfort. 

Inspirational Music Concert

With Cornflower

Everyone welcome on Facebook Live in the Private Facebook Group

Cornflower’s sound emerges from the moment connecting you to your Soul. His voice calls us deeper into Presence utilizing modern mantra-like lyrics upon a landscape of vocal loops, he builds layers and dimensions of harmony and groove like a sonic tapestry into an anthemic chant to set your body ablaze in movement and prayer. 

With influences ranging from Phish to Michael Jackson and Al Jarreau to Björk, Cornflower’s music is a mix of experimental vocal soul, world-funk, jam & electronica layered over a delicate balance of structure and improvisation. 

Everything I Need to Know About Sex I Learned from Pussy:

An Introduction to Conscious Orgasm (CO)

with Dr. Jessica Tartaro

Join Dr. Jessica Tartaro, Intimacy Coach & Pussy Devotee, for this two-hour introduction to the partnered sexuality practice, "Conscious Orgasm" or "CO" for short.  In CO, one partner strokes the clitoris of the other partner without any goal except to feel our bodies.  It is a profoundly simple practice designed to release the messaging that you need to get somewhere to be someone in bed. 

Rather than agenda driving our sex, Pussy and her mysterious ways teaches us that stillness, presence, surrender, generosity and chaos in fact govern the portal that leads to the infinite play of sexual satisfaction. Workshop will include lecture and presentation, partner breakout exercises and live demo. 

Singles and couples welcome as well as folks of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Note: there will be no nudity by participants in this workshop. In the demo, the strokee will have her clothing removed from the waist down.  All instruction will be clothes on.

If you are a couple and are interested in a private, live video training during which I will teach you the stroking technique, this will be set up separately for a fee after the introductory workshop at Cascadia.

Earth Body Art

A Dance and Art Making Journey 

With Heidi Jo

Let us come together for a sacred journey of moving our bodies and feeling into our connection with the Earth, our Creativity, and  our Sensual/Sexual nature️

In this class we will use


*sensation play 


*art making

and a Red Thread sharing circle as our pathways to Connection. 

You should have a space you feel you can move in (doesn’t need to be big) and paper and pens or crayons or pastels or whatever you want to use. Perhaps a Journal if you like to express with poetry and words. 

We will dance on the Path of Sacred Inquiry, inviting our bodies and imagination to share gems of wisdom and connection with us.